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Get Awesome Tones with Effects Pedals at the 2017 Edmonton Guitar Show

The Edmonton Guitar Show is getting closer, and while guitars are a huge part of it all, we also love effects! The search for new and exciting tones is never-ending, and awesome! Take this opportunity to get acquainted with a couple of our pedal-specific exhibitors!

Joining us again are the purveyors of fine stompboxes and other audio esoterica, Northtown Sound! Get great tones from these amazing pedals without breaking the bank! You have to check these out and hear them in action for yourself! See the whole collection on their website

Nanolog Audio, a new vendor this year, describes themselves as "the strange product of carbon molecular electronics and the desire for new and interesting sounds" - well that sounds good to us! We're particularly stoked to check out their Wavefunction Overdrive pedal! Take a look at their website for some more info!

Don't miss Tone Hungry Effects, "bringing them gnarly sounds from the past, to the music freaks of today!" Built in Calgary Alberta by Juan Ortiz who's trying to preach the sonic fuzziness to everyone who will listen. Every pedal built is constructed with the best components that will help reproduce the unique sounds guitarists want. Check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ToneHungryEffects.

The countdown is on - the 2017 Edmonton Guitar Show is going down Sunday, September 24th at the Italian Cultural Center from 10 AM to 4 PM! You can get your tickets at the door for $10. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check out www.edmontonguitarshow.com for everything you need to know!

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