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Ab Gamble

 Regina Guitar Show Exhibitor
Ab is a Regina-based collector.

Acoustic Music Shop

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
A music store with heart.
Website: acousticmusicshop.com
Facebook: AcousticMusicShop
Instagram: acousticmusic
Phone: (780) 433-3545

Amplified Parts

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Amplified Parts was created to serve musicians looking to customize their sound or simply fix their amplifier or guitar. As a DBA of Antique Electronic Supply, it is backed with over 25 years of experience serving the electronic hobbyist market. The focus of Amplified Parts is on the musician who is not an electronic technician and who wants to create his/her own sound or tone by modifying their existing amplifier or guitar. Amplified Parts assists in finding that unique sound.
Website: amplifiedparts.com
Facebook: amplifiedparts
Instagram: amplifiedparts

Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Crank us up! The Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation provides marketing and advertising consulting services to musicians, music educators, retailers and manufacturers of instruments, amplifiers, pedals and accessories.
Website: amplifycorp.com
Email: contact@amplifycorp.com
Instagram: amplifycorp
Phone: 888.683.8809

ArtRageous Designs

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor

Astro Amps

 Calgary, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Astro Amps is a unique shop based in Calgary Alberta, specializing in quality used amplifiers and pedals. We have a passion to match the right gear with the right musician, and offer a interstellar selection of new, used and vintage amps and pedals.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AstroAmpsCalgary/
Phone: 403 690-5440

Asylum for Art

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Calgary music school, focussed on guitar lessons for kids and adults.

Axe Music

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Axemusic.com is Canada's largest online music retail store and features the very best in Music Instruments and music related Technology. We are here to serve you, the customer. You'll find everything you need - and all at the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES IN THE NATION. We're committed to being the best in the country.
Website: axemusic.com
Email: webmail@axemusic.com
Phone: 1-866-373-3293

B Sharp Music

 Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Regina's independent music store, B Sharp Music prioritizes great customer service and selection for the local music and commercial sound communities.


 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor

barsnbands.com is the best way to find live music, local jams, music festivals and concerts in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.  

Website: barsnbands.com
Email: live@barsnbands.com
Facebook: barsnbands
Instagram: BarsnBandsYYJ

Benevolent Radio Sales & Service

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Guitar collectors, boutique amp builder, boutique pedal builder.

Big Al's House of Blues

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor

Big Al's House of Blues is Edmonton's premier live music venue with live music seven days a week. 

Website: www.houseofbluesyeg.com
Facebook: BigAlsHOB
Instagram: BIGAlsHOB
Phone: (780) 482-0202

Big Leaf Music

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Big Leaf Music is Edmonton's independent Electronics and Instrument Repair Shop. Armed with a vast selection of new and vintage parts, and an experienced Certified Luthier and Electronics Engineering Technician, we offer a full-range of repair and warranty services, as well as specialized product solutions.
Website: www.bigleaf.ca
Email: info@bigleaf.ca
Phone: 780-868-4661

Bill Shekooley

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor

Long time collector and founder of the Edmonton Guitar Show.


Billy Hill Guitars

 Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor

Billy Hill was formed when a artist fell in love with the Delta Blues. Each guitar is built from repurposed items that add aspecial Mojo to the instrument.
The guitars draw a crowd whether onstage or hanging on a wall. If your after one of a kind then you have found the right place.


Black Forest Wood Company

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Custom wood door manufacturer. Wood working tools and supplies. School of wood working. Classes include: Hand cut joinery, Wood turning, Acoustic guitar making, Carving etc.

Blasius Custom Bass

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor

Bobby Smale Designs

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
I build and play hand made musical instruments, starting with a cigar box guitars, I've now gone a little off the rails. Check out this profile on Instagram.


 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Known around the world as the company that put the "stomp" in "stompbox," BOSS is the division of Roland Corporation most easily recognized for its legendary line of colorful guitar and bass effects pedals. But beyond these killer pedals, BOSS has pushed the envelope for over 30 years with innovative multi-effects, rhythm machines, personal digital studios and other easy-to-use instruments for musicians of all types. Put simply, BOSS gives you the great-sounding tools you need to spend less time tweaking and more time playing.

Breedlove Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Shop the best hand crafted beginner to professional guitars, mandolins and ukeleles made with exotic woods and unique designs from Breedlove. Breedlove has received numerous coveted awards from Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Guitar Players’ Magazine, the UK’s Guitarist Magazine, the state of Oregon, and NAMM.
Presented by Erikson Music.

Burlesk Custom Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
A guitar player and enthusiast since 1983 James was lead guitar for local Calgary band, Hoodwink from 1989 to 1993. James hot-rodded his first guitar in 1987 when I realized that none of the "off the shelf" axes suited his needs or, his budget. James designed his first “scratch” built guitar in 1994 and has been building and performing custom mod’s since.

C4 Soundworks

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Come meet Chuck from C4 Soundworks!
Phone: 780-478-8160

Calgary Guitar Show

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Join our friends at the Calgary Guitar Show, 10 AM - 5 PM, Sunday October 29th at the Acadia Recreation Complex in Calgary.This is the 5th annual show and sale of incredible vintage, custom, and handmade guitars, pedals, and basses.

Calgary Vintage Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Based in Calgary Alberta Canada, we are a family operated business with over 20 years experience in collecting and selling vintage guitars. We also produce the annual Calgary Guitar Show.

Campbell's Music

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Website: http://www.campbellsmusic.ca/
Email: sales@campbellsmusic.ca
Phone: 780-743-8614

Canadian Digital Network

 Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Canadian Digital Network (CDN) is leading the way in value and innovation in Western Canada’s out of home advertising industry. We pride ourselves on offering efficient, impactful media solutions. With this in mind, we set out to create Western Canada’s largest outdoor digital advertising network.

Christie Lites

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Christie Lites is proud to provide the electrical needs for the Edmonton Guitar Show.
Website: www.christielitessales.com
Phone: 780-488-4825

ck.Carlton Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Luthier, Clint Carlton


 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
ClearSonic Manufacturing Inc. is a world leading producer of American made transparent sound shields (ClearSonic Panels or CSP), acoustic absorption baffles (SORBER) and portable isolation booths (Isolation Booths and Amp Isolation). Clearsonic and Edmonton Guitar Show are sponsoring our show floor Isloation Booth.

Cordoba Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Founded in 1997, Cordoba seeks to guide the evolution of the nylon string guitar, blending traditional craftsmanship of the early master luthiers with modern developments. Inspired by the organic beauty and honesty of acoustic instruments, every Cordoba is lightweight, responsive, and a direct descendant of the Spanish tradition. Cordoba continues to challenge the definition of the acoustic guitar without sacrificing the authenticity of its heritage.
Presented by Cordoba Music Group.

D'Angelico Guitars

 Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Over the course of more than 80 years, we’ve moved from a tiny shop in Little Italy to a sprawling showroom in midtown Manhattan, but our promise remains the same: to produce exceptional guitars that uphold the legacy of John D’Angelico. With guitars in the hands of hugely influential artists and available at dealers around the world, D’Angelico guitars are back for good.
Website: dangelicoguitars.com
Email: info@dangelicoguitars.com
Phone: (646) 460 8472

Dan's Guitar Lessons

 Regina Guitar Show Exhibitor
Dan Flaman is a Regina-based guitar teacher, collector and retailer.

Dave Chabillon

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Dave has been collecting and playing Tenor Guitars and Tenor Banjos for close to twenty years. He enjoys the Guitar Show with two of his guitar playing grandsons!

Dave Nay

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Dave has played guitar in local bands for over 35 years and has been actively buying, selling or trading for over a decade. Dave loves Strats and Gretsch as well as small vintage combo amps.


 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Dingotone is great tone from rugged, well-designed pedals that are handmade in Calgary with love and passion. Manufactured using high-quality new and new-old-stock components, Dingotone effect pedals are built to withstand heavy use, yet are easy to maintain.

Dion Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Designed to reveal the natural appeal of the raw material, Dion Guitars focus on crisp lines, balanced shapes and a tasteful pairing of woods. Behind each stage of construction lies an emphasis on continuity resulting in handsome and distinct instruments that engage the hand, ear and eye.

Frozen Rose Guitars

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Meet Gord Bellerose, owner of Frozen Rose Guitars, whose passion is building great guitars. In addition to their line of electric guitars, they can custom build and instrument to your specifications. Check their website gallery for what’s in store!
Email: frozenrose@shaw.ca
Facebook: Frozen-Rose-Guitars
Phone: 780-477-9172

Gilmore Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Hand crafted acoustic & electric guitars. David Gilmore is a Red Deer, Alberta based guitar maker who has been playing music all his life and building guitars since 1995. All Gilmore Guitars are hand crafted.
Website: gilmoreguitars.ca
Email: david@gilmoreguitars.ca
Facebook: GilmoreGuitars
Phone: 403.872.0006

Ginn Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Kyle Ginn specializes in building high quality, custom electric guitars, Taking the tried and true knowledge from the past and blending it with the power and efficiency of present technology, he will bring you a one-of-a-kind, custom-made instrument. He's also a certified Evertune bridge installer.
Website: ginnguitars.com
Email: ginnguitars@gmail.com
Facebook: /edmontoncustomguitars
Phone: 780-242-9887

Grandpa's Workshop

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Providing premium-quality tone wood for instrument makers for more than a decade. We are located in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in the town of Okotoks, Alberta.

Guild Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Guild is one of the world’s historic guitar manufacturers with a long-standing reputation for building iconic musical instruments. From the New York jazz scene in the 1950s, Richie Havens’ legendary performance at Woodstock, to Seattle’s Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, Guild guitars helped create some of the greatest music in history. With a tradition built on old world craftsmanship, quality, and value, Guild guitars have always been made to be played.
Presented by Cordoba Music Group.
Website: guildguitars.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/guildguitars
Instagram: www.youtube.com/c/guildguitarsusa
Instagram: twitter.com/guildguitars
Phone: (310) 586-1180

Guitar OR

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Making your stringed instrument the best for you! We offer a full line of Luthier services from the basic to the anything but basic. From acoustic and electric guitars to basses, banjos and mandolins. Any number of issues could be holding you back from your instrument playing its absolute best. If it has strings, we've worked on it.
Website: https://www.guitaror.ca/
Email: info@guitaror.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guitaror/
Phone: 403-253-9006

Guitar Repair Calgary

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor

Custom setups, parts and repair services for electric & acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, ukuleles & mandolins.



 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Guitarshowcalendar.com is dedicated to keeping you informed of all the guitar shows. We love guitars. Since you're looking here, we know you do too! Check back often for any additions, changes or cancellations.

Hamm-tone Guitars

 Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Custom built guitars and mandolins, Hamm-tone Guitar Building and Repair School. Established 1999.
Website: www.jeremyhamm.ca
Email: jeremyhammtone@gmail.com
Facebook: luthierschool
Phone: 204.242.2695

Hangman Guitar Stands - VisionPop

 Regina Guitar Show Exhibitor
The Hangman Guitar Stand - Place on case and hang your guitar by its neck! Hangman Guitar Stands are indesctructible, built with high quality polymer, they fit inside your case, they're visually appealing, uniquely engineered and made in Canada. As seen in Guitar World, Guitar Player, and Vintage Guitar magazines.

Hannah Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Straps, accessories and pedal boards. New for 2019: check out the X5 Pedal Board at the Hannah Guitars booth!

Happy Teardrops Custom Guitars

 Calgary, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Play. Happy. Happy Teardrops is a custom guitar company. Though we are constantly developing and producing new models, we specialize in custom guitars, contact us today to get started!

Heartstrings Jewelry

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Designer Michelle Dall’Acqua creates Beautiful Music. At the intersection of style and statement, she transforms the ordinary – retired guitar strings – into stunning, eco-conscious jewelry pieces. She looks to the world around her for inspiration, creating collections that reflect lifestyles and designs sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Hoodoo Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Electric guitars with thick tone and smooth playability in the studio or on tour. Rely on Hoodoo to keep working and inspiring creativity night after night.

Innovations Music

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
We are proud to be more than just an ordinary music store offering guitars, drums, digital pianos, amplifiers, PA systems, lighting, recording equipment, rentals, repairs, classes (through Visionary College), and advice from our trained industry professionals.

Invert720 Productions

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Invert720 Productions is not your average live event and video production company. Quality is key, and so is the Invert process. It’s never ok to paint every event with the same brush. Taking a creative approach to event production has proven that audiences at our events are engaged in the event experience – not just passive participants.
Website: invert720.com
Email: info@invert720.com
Phone: 780.489.7203

Italian Cultural Center

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
ICC is the home of the Edmonton Guitar Show for 2016.
Website: www.iccedmonton.ca
Email: iccgm@iccedmonton.ca
Phone: 780.453.6182

J Kent Handcrafted Instruments

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Custom guitar and bass builder specializing in bolt-on necks and bodies. We'll also reinvent and revamp existing guitars and basses. We can take any basic bolt-on and transform it into a high-end instrument that will be worthy of a top player's hand, even Mexican Fender's and Squiers.

Joe Vukovik

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Joe is an Edmonton based guitar enthusiast and collector.

Johansson Mandolins

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Johansson Mandolins was founded by Ross Johansson in Earlie district, Alberta, Canada, where he’s been handcrafting high quality mandolins for 10+ years.

Kiss & Co. Guitar Parts

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Jeff Kiss is a longtime collector and guitar player and resells from a vast inventory of new, used and vintage guitar parts.

Labyrinth Guitarworks

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Guitars and basses individually crafted in Sylvan Lake, AB. Also offering set-ups and luthier services!

Lap Axe Travel Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
The smallest portable electric travel guitar available! Our short scale travel electric guitars are designed to meet airline carry-on requirements, as well as providing complete performance in sound, playability, and aesthetics.

Leprechaun FX

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Authorized dealer: Lava Cables. Dr Scientist. JHS. Fairfield Circuitry. Dwarfcraft. Devi Ever FX. Crowther Hotcakes.

Loren Paley

 Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Loren Paley is a Saskatoon-based guitar collector and enthusiast.

MacPherson Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Exquisite guitars designed and made to meet the demands of just about every kind of guitar player and playing style. Customers can also have any guitar crafted to their own specifications with a true custom service that offers the player unique, bespoke, handmade instruments. Premium appointments include exquisite book-matched tops, hand wound pickups, high quality hardware and custom finishes.

MDIIO by Songistry

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Collaborate. License. Monetize.
MDIIO is an easier way for the songwriter community to collaborate, network, pitch and monetize music. Creators can create connections and find opportunities to license their music.

Morgan Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Handmade acoustic guitars - since 1985

Mosaic Music

 Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Mosaic Music provides Prince Albert with music lessons, a great selection of instruments and music accessories. They've also got a professional recording studio available to all artists at a reasonable price.

Nanolog Audio Inc.

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Lab coats by day, classic guitar tones by night. Nanolog Audio is the strange product of carbon molecular electronics and the desire for new and interesting sounds. Check out the WaveFunction Overdrive, a wave shaper overdrive pedal with a classic but distinctive voice and design, and a lot of tonal flexibility.

Noise Supply

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Noise Supply is a Canadian small business that started in Sherwood Park, Alberta at the end of May 2013. The operations have since moved to Fredericton, NB in early June 2014. Noise Supply's focus is on custom, boutique, and innovative guitar products. We enjoy providing customers with high quality boutique guitar effects and innovative products to help them define their sound and style.
Website: noisesupply.ca
Facebook: NoiseSupply
Instagram: NoiseSupply

Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
The Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society (NBCMS) is a Jamming Club, a safe place where like minded people can get together and play Music. We are a non-profit music society run by volunteers for our members and general public. Our focus is Bluegrass Music and our mission statement is to Promote, Present and Preserve Bluegrass Music.


 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Purveyors of fine stompboxes and audio esoterica. Check Out Northtown's YouTube page to check out these delicious pedal tones!

NR Instruments

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Meticulously crafted guitars and basses with unmatched tone and playability, showroom finish, one of a kind style. Choice of woods electronics, colours.

Prestige Guitars

 Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
From the start, we set out to build guitars that are classic and timeless. From wood to components and all aspects of fit and finish, we maintain the utmost in quality. Now going into our 13th year, our award-winning line has rounded out to feature a full range of solid body and semi-hollow electrics, as well as hand carved acoustic guitars.

Purdy Tube Amps

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
We've been called crazy, simple, and crazy again, but hey, we've been called worse. We believe that if you pour heart and soul into something, it is given life. We also believe in doing what you set out to do really, REALLY well. Every single Purdy Tube Amps product is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and care, one at a time, by one man. As a result, we believe that we create peerless boutique tube amplifiers and hand built effects pedals that deliver nothing but the purest tone - the true voice of your instrument.
Website: purdytubeamps.com
Facebook: purdytubeamps
Instagram: purdytubeamps

R Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Luthiery, Guitar Setup, Repair & Music Lessons

Rae Vass

 Regina Guitar Show Exhibitor
Rae is a private guitar collector based in Regina SK.

Ray Bell - Finger Style Guitar Workshop

 Regina Guitar Show Exhibitor

Ray Bell is an enthusiastic music educator and school operator, with over 30 years experience helping guitarists reach their full musical potential. As
a performer, he appears regularly at festivals and venues across Canada, accompanying vocalists and fiddlers with his unique flavour of finger style
guitar. His DVD Finger Style Guitar Workshop helps guitarists learn finger style guitar from the ground up with professional tips & techniques. 

Website: raybellguitar.ca

Record Collectors Paradise

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Edmonton’s own Record Collectors Paradise has quickly become a destination location for vintage music enthusiasts. With roots in the Old Strathcona Antique Mall, RCP was established in Edmonton’s west end in late 2015.

Revv Amplification

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor

Revv amplification is built around the foundations of Integrity, Quality and Relationships. They are a small operation that builds amplifiers with detail oriented focus and high quality parts.


River City Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
High end backline rentals.

Roadhouse Vintage

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
We are a family owned / operated, boutique style of guitar shop that deals in vintage, custom shop and boutique class, electric / acoustic guitars, amplifiers, drums and effects. We have been selling vintage and boutique class gear worldwide since 2005 and are located in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. We are always buying, selling and trading vintage and boutique gear.

Roland Canada

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Roland Canada is a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software including Roland amplifiers, BOSS pedals and Katana and Waza amplifiers.
Website: roland.ca
Facebook: rolandcanada
Instagram: rolandcanada
Phone: 604.270.6626

Rowley Guitar Co.

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Rowley Guitar Co. is a boutique guitar company in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We offer handcrafted excellence at a price everyone can afford.

Rubio's Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Handmade classical guitars by J. Perfecto Rubio, an expert guitar luthier who learned his craft from his father and has dedicated his professional life to the construction of guitars.
Email: frogstar.g@gmail.com
Phone: 780.802.4836


 Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
SaskMusic (The Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association) is a member-based, non-profit corporation which stimulates the growth and development of the Saskatchewan music industry through leadership, promotion, training, advocacy, and partnership.

SBC Case

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
SBC Case is a private company that has provided effective case solutions since 1984. Our broad range of capabilities has produced a one-stop case facility to create cases of any size, shape, style, and strength of case often utilizing unique, high-performance materials.

Schecter Guitar Research

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Schecter Guitar Research has solidified its elite status as one of the world’s premier guitar companies, offering electric guitars and basses, acoustic guitars, and USA Custom Shop instruments to musicians around the world in more than 150 countries.


 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Kyle Johnson of ScorpiosMelodies is a talented guitar player and teacher at Music Centre Canada on McLeod Trail in Calgary.

Shell Theatre

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
The Shell Theatre has provided a door prize of tickets to the Don Ross show on October 3rd! More details here.

Sherwood Park Music

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
If you are looking for quality music instruction or looking for instruments and accessories Check out our school and store!
Website: sherwoodparkmusic.com
Facebook: sherwoodparkmusic
Phone: (780) 467-5537


 Regina Guitar Show Exhibitor
Kevin Shone creates custom wooden knobs and accessories for guitars, pedals, amplifiers and more!

Slocan City Trading Co.

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Facebook: SlocanCityTradingCompany
Phone: (250) 355-2299

Smith Music

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Smith Music offers private music lessons for all ages. Our unique philosophy in teaching music gets students to their goals quickly and efficiently. We train students who want to play by the campfire, attend university, or perform professionally. In addition to regular weekly music lessons, Smith Music also offer summer music camps for students aged 5-12 and 13-18.
Website: smithmusic.ca
Email: paul@SmithMusic.ca
Facebook: SmithMusic
Instagram: SmithMusicCa

St. John's Music

 Edmonton, Regina Guitar Show Exhibitor

For more than 90 years, St. John's Music has provided retail services in musical instruments and promoted music education. Our vast experience in music
extends to all of our eight retail locations, from Alberta to Ontario, where we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of service and most
knowledgeable staff in the industry.

Website: stjohnsmusic.com
Email: regina@stjohnsmusic.com
Facebook: St-Johns-Music-Regina-487257910190/
Instagram: MusicForCanada
Phone: 1-800-563-9683

Stang Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Stang Guitars wants to be the heart of the Edmonton guitar community. Come down, try the latest gear, ask all the questions you want and above all, PLAY MORE GUITAR!
Website: stangguitars.com
Facebook: pages/Stang-Guitars/742155702522834?sk=timeline
Instagram: stangguitars
Phone: (780) 757-8264

Stonehouse Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
In a small workshop near Cochrane, Alberta, a local luthier is producing stunning custom acoustic guitars. With wood sourced from all over the world, intricate inlay work and alluring sound, these guitars are one of a kind.

Stoyko Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
St. Albert based luthier building and repairing guitars.

SwampDonkey Amplifiers

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Hand built, all tube guitar amplifiers.SwampDonkey Amplifiers™ are lovingly crafted by hand in the Alberta Foothills using the highest quality components available. Our designs are all-tube with NO digital electronics and NO switching electronics in the critical signal path.

Swivel Slide

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Every slide players must-have item. This guitar slide allows you to use all your fingers and never sacrifice transition time. Its one-of-a-kind dual ring design allows the slide to swivel 360 degrees absolutely effortlessly. The essential guitar slide for every guitar player.

The New Vintage

 Edmonton, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Handmade Barn wood & cigar box guitars built with re-claimed materials. Anything Vintage.

The Soundhouse

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
The Soundhouse is Central Alberta's all in one shop for top quality Guitars, Amplifiers, Pedals & Accessories, New and Vintage Vinyl, Turntables and all kinds of other music related items! We offer something a little different to make your experience at the store an enjoyable one!
Website: thesoundhouseonline.com
Email: info@thesoundhouseonline.com
Phone: 403-986-6428

Timeless Instruments

 Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
The Prairie Oasis of Lutherie - since 1980. Guitar Making School, Lutherie Supplies, Custom Instruments - David Freeman: Canadian Luthier.

Tone Hungry Effects

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Bringing them gnarly sounds from the past, to the music freaks of today! Built in Calgary Alberta by Juan Ortiz. Small one operation (for now), trying to preach the sonic fuzziness to everyone who will listen. Every pedal built is constructed with the best components that will help reproduce the sound the customer wants.

Too North Records

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Your source for collectibles and hard to find vinyl and CDs. Punk - Ska - Oi! - Mod - New Wave - Pop - Metal. Home of the Calgary Music Collectors Show

Tree Picks

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Tree Picks makes guitar picks out of wood. We plant a tree for every pick we sell. Why should you use a pick made out of wood? One word - TONE! Wooden picks will give you a different sound. They sound and feel different.

Triad Custom Guiitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Custom electric guitars, designed and built to your specs. Check out Triad's custom Griffon and Kestrel electrics!

True North Pedals

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Welcome to True North Pedals! We are a small business based in Saskatchewan, Canada, which specializes in both custom and pre-made pedals. Each pedal has been hand built, from start to finish, in our workshop and covered in authentic tweed fabric. Each pedal we make is hand crafted and tested with care.

TunaTone Instruments

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Leila Sidi is inspired by the vintage futurism of mid-century electric guitars. She pays tribute to them while accommodating contemporary manufacturing techniques and materials. Conventional and original components generate fresh instruments with iconic tonal character and creative spark. Sidi applies an updated futuristic vision of her craft, conceiving of electric guitars ergonomically suited to musicians of any body type.

Turley Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Adam Turley is an emerging luthier building out of the Clubhouse in Edmonton, Alberta. He builds highly responsive, modern parlour guitars under the tutlilege of Dion Guitars. With a longstanding background in high end circular staircases and railings, Turley appreciates a similar marriage between clean and modern aesthetics with excellence in function.

Turner Guitar Studio

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
The Turner Guitar Studio is a small music store that carries a lot of merchandise, we have over 300 guitars, plus keyboards, violins, amplifiers, ukuleles, parts, accessories, and so much more. We also offer musical instruction in all styles of Guitar, Bass, Piano, voice, Violin, and banjo.

Twisted Wood Guitars

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Twisted Wood guitars is a company specializing in ukuleles & weissenborn style lap slide guitars. My love for these special instruments and the people that follow them have led me to creating TW. The sound and the culture that surrounds them, make these guitars like no other. We provide quality handcrafted instruments, customized to the requirements of any level. Searching for an affordable lap slide in North America is over... Help us spread the word,
look for us at festivals and on mountains this winter, and on beaches this summer.

Website: twistedwoodguitars.com
Email: tw@twistedwoodguitars.com
Facebook: twistedwoodguitars?ref=hl
Instagram: TWweissenborns
Phone: 780.893.9666

Village Guitar & Amp Co.

 Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Village Guitar & Amp Co. is a unique combination of boutique guitar shop and concert venue. Our warm and inviting space has also provided the backdrop for many beautiful private events.

Vintage Guitar Magazine

 Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Vintage Guitar magazine always delivers the coolest, most interesting info on wonderful vintage guitars and the great companies that built them. They've been doing it since 1986! Check 'em out at your favourite newsstand, or read for free online at their website!

Washburn Guitars

 Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon Guitar Show Exhibitor
Washburn makes the finest guitars, basses, mandolins and banjos and is seen on the world's biggest stages and heard on some of the greatest recordings.
Presented by Erikson Music.

Well-Hung Guitar Accessories

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Well-Hung Guitar Accessories is a one man handmade boutique crafting possibly the world's most beautiful AND comfortable guitar strap that doesn't look like a Wookie ammo belt or orthopedic harness system. Find other cool mind-blowing stuff that can't be mentioned here due to the spurious and very unfair restraining order.

West-End Rock Shop

 Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor

Two great locations in West Edmonton.

Website: westendrockshop.com
Email: westendrockshop@telus.com
Phone: 780.444.7625

Winston & Fidel

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
What started out as a one-off, weekend fun project, has become a building obsession. As a result, the number of cigar box guitars has increased to the point where I cannot keep them all. I can’t stop building them either. The silly thing is that I don’t play, I just love to create them.

X5 Pedalboards

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
We are an Edmonton based company that builds folding pedal boards.