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4th Annual Calgary Guitar Show - Brand New Venue - National Music Centre!

The entire team at Canadian Guitar Shows is pumped to share this exciting news from our good friends at the Calgary Guitar Show!

Calgary Guitar Show

4th Annual Calgary Guitar Show
Brand New Venue – The National Music Center!
September 25, 2016 – Downtown/East Village Calgary

The Calgary Guitar show is privileged and excited to welcome music lovers and instrument aficionados off all ages to our first, FREE admittance show, hosted at the Bell Studio/National Music Center’s beautiful new building.

As a response to the growing music scene and cultural expansion in Calgary, the Guitar show has seen continued growth and interest from visitors and vendors alike.

This one day event will bring together guitar builders, collectors of new, rare and vintage stringed instruments. As well as a vast selection of amps, effects and other gear from the 1950,s to the hottest new custom toys. The Guitar Show has become the premier event in Calgary for the public to interact with more than 20 luthiers, collectors, experts, techs and teachers, not to mention fellow musicians from all genres of music.

Additionally this year we will be treated to the guitar stylings of Jesse Roads as he provides Instructional Tutorials.

The Calgary Guitar Show has chosen this date to take place the weekend following the Edmonton Guitar Show for vendor convenience and for the devoted collectors and traders. With this great location, guests will have easy access to public transit and food and beverage.

To make it a truly memorable day, guests can purchase a museum pass for The National Music Center and enjoy their Fantastic Collection of Memorabilia and Musical Artifacts!

For more information, visit: Calgary Guitar Show


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